Cross Timbers Mural Progression
                1st canvas sitting
Freehand Acrylic wash on prepared canvas
Preliminary Sketch
            2nd canvas sitting
Acrylic wash on canvas. I decided to use brown underpaint for a more antique look on my canvas, but will use greys on the door. I plan to come back and finish this canvas in color later
               Surface Preparation
As you can see, the door had a pretty intense wood grain texture inlaid on a formica veneer. I don't have the back to sand it smooth, so I've opted to use gesso to accomplish this task. I finally arrived at the desired effect after about 6 coats, sanding between each.
                     Sitting 1 at door
After copying the canvas wash on transparency paper, I blew it up on the door with an overhead projector. Since the door is a different dimension than the canvas image, I had to move the paper around in order to fit the image to the door. 
                    Sitting 2 at Door
This is a close-up of the area I'm concentrating on. I'm still filling in the neutral wash, using various shades of grey. Because I'm painting on location, I'm painting several shades simultaneously to save time (I would normally do one to two shades per sitting).
                  Sitting 3 at Door
I'm now beginning to add more shading and detail to my subject, painting from the inside of the door toward the outside. I also shaded the rocks more to try to make some sense of them.
4th Sitting at Door
Brought door home for convenience. Working on background.
Finished product! I'm sure some of you are stumped at why it's black & white -and I was too. I had every intention of finishing out the underpainting with color, but apparently that wasn't God's will. The biggest challenge on this project was childcare, and believe me, I tried every which way to work that out.

When the church told me they liked it in black & white and needed their door back, I had to let go of the ideals "I" had for this mural and accept that it was God's will for it to be just as it was. If you think about it, the lack of color carries a strong message.

When we call on God to carry us back to the safety of His herd and help us straighten out our lives, our healing depends upon TOTAL dependence of God. This is a black & white issue: we either trust God, or we don't. If we don't let Him carry us, we won't get very far. He always meets us where we are; our job is to trust Him as much as we possibly can.      (Matthew 18:10-14)
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